What makes a project successful?

What makes a project successful?

It all starts with the proper strategy. Whether you are implementing a new contact center, replacing your infrastructure, or building upon your existing contact center, every project has its challenges. And, each project has uniquely defined components. But, they all start with a fundamental strategic outline.

  • Identify the Mission: What is the purpose of the project, what do you expect to achieve, and how do you expect to achieve it?
  • A Clear Vision: Is everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction to achieve the mission?
  • Core Beliefs: What principles are you applying to every project endeavor?
  • SWOT: What Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats should be considered?
  • Action Items: Do you have a workable project plan with all activities and resources?
  • Scorecard: Are you reviewing the project plan regularly to keep the team focused and on track?
  • Final Handoff / Cutover: Is everyone prepared to support the transition into production? Are all hands on deck?
  • Final Assessment: What was the outcome of the project? What can be learned and applied to allow for future successes?

There are quite a few variations of the strategic outline. But they all include the fundamentals listed above. The truly key components are the people and the data. Two resources that will be heavily depended upon to complete a successful project. However, the primary key is communication. The team must be knowledgeable, engaged, and without silos. In other words, everyone must be rowing in the same direction. That requires a great Project Manager and effective open communication.

By applying a fundamental strategic approach, AVDS pulls together the People, Data, and Processes to achieve the Vision and accomplish the Mission. We help your projects get traction and stay moving to success.

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