An Introduction to Troubleshooting Switchover Issues in Genesys PureConnect (CIC)

Genesys PureConnect (formerly Customer Interaction Center) Switchover is a wonderful thing.  It can keep your business going in the event of a server crash or a network outage.  Switchover can also be tricky to troubleshoot.  Many technicians have spent countless hours, pots of coffee and lost many levels of sanity troubleshooting switchover related issues.  Over the next few weeks, we will be posting about how to solve some of these sleep depriving issues.   Today, I’d like to level set a few things before we do any deep dives.


As soon as you can, back up your certs on the PureConnect servers!  Don’t go any further in the post until you have done so!  Do this even if everything is working. Here are the steps that I take:

  1. Browse to your <drive>:\I3\IC\
  2. Right click on “Certificates” -> Copy -> Right Click -> Paste -> rename the copy “!KnownGoodCerts” (see Below)

Backing up the Certificates folder is not a requirement in system functionality.  By creating this copy, you will infinitely reduce the amount of time spent troubleshooting switchover issues that may arise from corrupted certificates.


Let’s clear up some terminology that has become confusing over the years.  This confusion can cause some severe issues when troubleshooting.  Grasping this terminology will help speed communication between you and your technicians.

It is very important to know that Genesys PureConnect does NOT have a Primary and Backup server.  Primary/Backup are states or roles that the servers are in at any given point.  There is however, a Server A and a Server B.  The first step to good troubleshooting is to identify which server is which.  These can be found in Interactive Administrator in the server parameters:

*Note: This is also equally important to know with Central Campaign Server Switchover.  I will discuss that in later posts


So before we get too deep into specific troubleshooting steps. GRAB LOGS! And set them aside.  This is vital to determine why an unexpected switchover event occurred or why switchover may not be functioning properly.

Here are the logs and information that you should immediately set aside (Do not save these in the default log directory to avoid accidental overwrite):

  • Note which server was Primary and Backup at the time of the issue
  • Registry Export from BOTH servers. Export the following:  “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Interactive Intelligence”
  • Set aside the following logs:
Switchover – Notes
SwitchoverFileMonitor – Notes 
Notifier – Notes 
TsServer – Notes
RemocoServer – Notes
Application and System Event Logs – ​in EVT or EVTX format
Performance Monitor Logging
Timeline of events
​​Registry Export of the Interactive Intelligence Key

SIP Engine – Notes

IP – Notes

NOTE:  Always set aside these logs from BOTH the primary and backup servers in a separate folder in the event they are needed for the investigation.  Note:  Tracing levels “were what they were” at the time of the Switchover.


So, this is just a brief starter on troubleshooting switchover. While this post may seem basic, it’s very important to understand the fundamental practices and terminology.   In future posts, we will go much deeper in to some common and even some not so common issues that have arisen with switchover and walk you through how to troubleshoot/resolve them.

This technical blog was brought to you by Craig Reiners of AVDS. Craig is a Telephony Engineer certified on the Genesys PureConnect platform and a key member of the AVDS Team. Do you have a question for Craig, or anyone else on the AVDS team? Contact us today! We make it easy to do business.


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