A lot of talking going on. But, is anyone listening?

Everyone is looking for new ways to interact. While that is certainly important, there is still a lot of talking going on. But, is anyone really listening? Is anyone really understanding the customer? With omni-channel solutions, voice conversations are increasingly being reserved for the “high touch” interactions, making the content of the conversation critically important. The phone and IVR are areas where we can listen and truly understand what the customer is saying by leveraging speech analytics technology. With company conversations ranging from selling goods and services to providing agent assisted support, speech analytics provides a deeper understanding of those voice conversations. Speech analytics helps organizations manage and understand the outcomes of those interactions, improving those outcomes and increasing profitability. According to a report by the Aberdeen Group titled, The Intelligent Contact Center, only about 15% of companies are leveraging the benefits of speech analytics. The rest are missing out on critical keys to understanding the customer journey.

Speech Analytics Helps Companies:

  • Manage the Customer Experience
  • Improve Agent Performance
  • Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements
  • Support Contact Center Workforce Management

CallMiner AVDS

CallMiner Eureka derives intelligence from customer interactions by automatically scoring 100% of your customer interactions to evaluate your overall customer experience. Why ask only a sample of your customer base whether they are satisfied or not, when you can ask them all with customer experience software? Use CallMiner Eureka to approximate your net promoter, customer effort, or other scores used in measuring customer satisfaction by evaluating the language used in interactions with any of your agents or customer representatives. Eureka is the leading solution to improve contact center and enterprise performance through speech analytics. It immediately reveals insights from automated analysis of communications between you and your customers across multiple channels – including calls, chat, email, texts, social media, surveys and more. Delivered as a cloud-based or on premise contact center monitoring solution, Eureka customer engagement analytics is transforming call center performance management.

Benefits of Speech Analytics

  • Speech Analytics users increase customer profitability by 13.0%
  • Speech analytics helps companies achieve 3.2x annual improvement in SLA compliance
  • Companies integrating speech analytics within their omni-channel programs enjoy game-changing benefits
  • Provide employees with actionable guidance based on speech analytics insights to maximize cross-sell/up-sell revenue
    (Source: The Aberdeen Group)

AVDS is proud to be a CallMiner partner. We understand the needs of the modern contact center. By providing proven solutions, such as CallMiner Eureka, we are able to simplify and automate technology to easily solve your most complex business challenges.

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