AVDS and Genesys AppFoundry bring you the IVR Visualizer

The wizards behind the AVDS curtain are always working on something. This time they bring you the IVR Visualizer. Read on to see how our IVR Visualizer addresses critical needs of the PureConnect administrator.

AVDS IVR Visualizer

IVR Visualizer Helps a Leading Jewelry Retailer Sparkle with Seasonal Call Volumes
Use Case Summary

Tasked with documenting and updating the IVR for a 300+ User Contact Center and navigating an extensive 145 Profile Attendant with hundreds of Schedules and/or Nodes utilizing nearly every possible feature of the Attendant, the IVR Visualizer was implemented.

First, the IVR Visualizer provided a snapshot view of the current state of the IVR.Then, the snapshot and the reporting tools available in the IVR Visualizer helped identify occurrences of specific Attendant node types, find and locate Sub-routines nodes, locate any External Transfers nodes, list all individual DNIS entries and their corresponding Profiles, create Flow Charts of the active Call Flows, Identify disabled and unused portions of the Attendant, and locate and search for specific keywords to help identify various Call Flows.

Business Benefits

The IVR reports were all dynamically linked within the IVR Visualizer, which made locating each object within the Attendant faster and easier. The IVR Visualizer saved significant time when preparing for immediate changes required for the day-to-day business needs and increased seasonal call volumes. Since the IVR was used to route calls to a secondary external PBX phone system, the IVR Visualizer was a crucial tool to assist with migrating the Users from one secondary PBX to another PBX by identifying the Profiles and Phone numbers associated with the secondary PBX.

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