Something you may not know about AVDS…

Did you know AVDS has a 24 x 7 monitored support queue? Of course, you knew that. But, did you know that our President, Sharon Moon, is often logged in and takes support calls? That passion and dedication are just some of the ways AVDS is “Deliberately Different” in our approach to business. What this means for you: You will always get the service and support you need and deserve.


Our AVDS core values:

  • Integrity – We do what we say and we say what we do.
  • Passion – We are committed to excellence.
  • Dedication – We seek continuous improvement.
  • Vision – We are forward thinking through leadership.
  • Innovation – We bring a creative approach to your solutions.

Why is it important to share this bit of the AVDS story? Because we understand that companies sell goods and services. But, people buy from people. The people who make up AVDS share the company’s core values. What can AVDS do to make business easy for you? Just ask us.

Contact AVDS Today! We simplify and automate technology to easily solve the most complex business challenges.