50 years of the “modern” call center. Where are you now? Where should you be? AVDS can take you there.

Credit Unions have been trying to automate member transactions since the introduction of the ATM in 1969. Almost 50 years later we find ourselves with the same quandary. How can we simplify and automate technology to easily solve those complex business challenges? How can we make the member experience effortless? How do we create loyal members?

atm 1969

Financial institutions of all kinds are beginning to see that the modern Millennial consumer is actually calling into the Contact Center at 1.7 times the rate of the Baby Boomer crowd. This holds especially true for Credit Unions. This trend seems contradictory to the current philosophy that today’s consumer only wants a digital channel. What they want is both – omnichannel. They want digital connection with the human experience. Even in a digital age, some issues are best handled by phone, and some customers simply prefer to speak to a live person. It’s critical for credit unions to get these interactions right.

Routine transactions, now often handled digitally, are freeing up the contact center agent for more Credit Union sales opportunities – loans, mortgages, and other complex financial products. By leveraging technology, credit unions and other financial institutions, are providing their members with more choices for contact center interactions. The omnichannel digital contact center provides member experience options for phone, email, chat, social media, and screen sharing. Leveraging technology such as speech analytics and data dips provides a deeper understanding of the Credit Union member. Agents are more empowered to assist members, resolve issues, and create new business.

Implementing a dynamic, customer-focused contact center is critical. It transforms the often neglected and underappreciated contact center, thereby improving the member experience and promoting the migration to digital. Where are you on your digital journey? Regardless of how far you have come or how far you have to go, AVDS can take you there.


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