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Deliver Gold-Standard Experiences Today and Tomorrow

Keep customers, attract new ones and increase revenue with the gold-standard customer experience. Save money with better insights and streamlined operations. Maintain compliance and avoid penalties with purpose-built customer experience solutions. The Genesys Customer Experience Platform is a single, integrated platform that is purpose-built to deliver personalized customer engagement and real-time decision-making. It works across all customer touchpoints, integrating channels, context and the ability to optimize your workforce and processes. It connects to systems of record including financial, HR, order processing, inventory and CRM solutions. This fluid, flexible platform scales easily as customer expectations and requirements evolve.

The Genesys Customer Experience Platform enables our clients to:

  • Empower with a single omnichannel desktop.
  • Deliver personalized, predictable and proactive experiences.
  • Monitor and manage your global operations.
  • Route each interaction to the best resource possible.
  • Support all channels—voice and digital—across your entire enterprise.
  • Consistently manage your workforce across all channels.
  • Meet and predict customer commitments in real time.
  • Proactively monitor and engage on your website or mobile application.

AVDS and Genesys customers have achieved:

  • 30% Increase in eCommerce conversion
  • $1.1M Increased revenue
  • 12.5% Improvement in agent handle time
  • 34% Increase in back office productivity
  • $2M Annual operational savings
  • 50% Reduction in customer abandonment at key points in the customer journey
  • 30% Higher CSAT rating than competitors’ scores
  • 96% First contact resolution

“Across the board, Genesys provided the customer experience platform that we needed to really see PayPal move to the next level. It was a huge game changer.” Dar Andrews, Senior Director of Service Delivery and Engineering,  PayPal

“In a world where customer service expectations are changing at lightning speed, PureCloud gives us a serious competitive advantage.” Ian Roberts, Operations Leader, Quicken Customer Care

“Genesys helps us deliver on our goal of a ‘life-rich’ banking experience, which means we are where our customers want us to be, making it easier for them to engage with us on their terms.” Paul Cahill, Head of Digital Experience, Credit Union Australia

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