Is your IVR optimized? How would you know?

One of the top challenges for contact centers and enterprise organizations starts at the IVR. It’s time to fix the “front end”. A regular review and audit of the IVR is critical. The maze of IVR options that accumulate for a dynamically growing company can result in frustration for the customer and a poor customer experience. Getting routed to dead-ends. Having excessive wait times only to be sent to the wrong customer service agent. Increased abandon rates due to too many wrong turns. And, any changes to the IVR should be documented and logged as part of best practices. Regrettably, changes may be inconsistently documented, and/or documentation is owned by different parties, and if the party leaves the company, the documentation is lost. As a result, time and effort is wasted trying to make simple changes in what is now a complex environment. These can all be fixed with and overhaul of your, all too often neglected, IVR.

Increase your ability to optimize, correct, and maintain consistency in call flows and your IVR documentation. Created by our Development Pros at AVDS, IVR Visualizer is a web-based application that provides various tools to manage Attendant profiles by automatically creating a visual representation of the call flows as well as providing search capabilities on those call flows. In addition, comprehensive reports can be generated to simplify and streamline documentation objectives.

Some of the Benefits of IVR Visualizer:

  • Sort and Search within the Attendant. Find those call flows that may be “buried”.
  • Generate flow charts and diagrams of the IVR. Visualize where your call routes are.
  • Export to various formats for reporting and analytics. Useful for spreadsheets, auditing, etc.