AVDS delivers innovative options to recruit, train, and manage a smarter, more personable workforce.

AVDS offers stand-alone Workforce Optimization solutions that are essential to delivering outstanding customer service and empowering a smart workforce.

Teleopti’s WFO solution provides out-of-the-box capability for seamless integrations with QM and eLearning solutions. Teleopti WFM comes with a rich Software Development Kit (SDK) to facilitate further development of Workforce Optimization solutions, which can provide:

  • Agent synchronization: single point of entry of agent information, and synchronization of changes to agent data – to reduce administration time and improve accuracy
  • Integrated performance reporting: import and display QM evaluation scores and other KPIs right into employee scorecards, for example, for an overall performance view
  • Scheduling of eLearning: automatic interface for exporting schedules and importing back training sessions for individuals and groups, leading to reduced manual work and increased efficiency
  • Smarter analytics: record and analyze the “right” interactions in QM solutions, based on call peaks or schedule information exported from Teleopti. This can lead to much more effective quality monitoring practices.

CallScripter’s Eureka enables post-contact analytics that include all channels of customer conversations including calls, chat, email, and social, and offers solutions for both large enterprises and smaller call centers.

The PureConnect also includes workforce optimization as an add-on solution with Optimizer


Key Benefits of Workforce Optimization

Improve Productivity. With industry-leading forecasting and scheduling, our easy-to-use solution works wherever you are in the world to balance staff efficiency with world-class customer support.

Increase Profitability.  Improve sales-per-hour ratios, dollars collected and customer retention while achieving 20-40% savings through back-office productivity.

Ensure Staff Retention.  Reduce attrition by allowing agents to check work schedules, view messages, make shift trades, request vacation, state preferences and add overtime availability remotely from any device to increase work flexibility. Plus, you can reward staff by giving them higher priority in scheduling requests and days off.

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