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Design with the Future in Mind

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Out of the many phases of software development – planning, design, implementation, testing, and so forth – the design phase is quite possibly the most important. A well thought out and documented design can identify potential problems and lead to

7 Steps for Next-Gen Digital Customer Service


The modern contact center is in the midst of the digital revolution. The means by which customers contact businesses via digital channels provides us with actionable insights on how to tailor a superior customer service experience. Are you getting the

Zeroing in on Ideal Coaching Moments with Speech Analytics

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We all know spot checking or only listening to the worst ones is not a true test of how agents are doing. Some QA managers are only listening to 2 calls a week! When June 27th 1pm – 2pm EST

B&H – A success story for Genesys. A love story for me.


I love photography! I have been shooting regularly for over 35 years. I photographed professionally “back in the day”. Because of my love for photography I have gone through a lot of camera equipment. I mean A LOT. I shopped

What you need to know to get your analytics strategy on track.


How do you measure the success of your contact center? The short answer: Analytics. William Thomson, known as Lord Kelvin, was an Irish mathematical physicist in the late 1800’s. He was quoted as, “I often say that when you can

How can you get 12.5% improvement in Agent Handle Time (AHT)?


Evolving technology affects your business. You can’t sit still. You need a partner who can leverage the changing technology to help you improve your processes, offerings, and services. By now you have heard all the buzz words: Digitization, Transformation, Omnichannel,

Join us tomorrow, June 12, for an enlightening webinar on speech analytics!

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Gain Insights on Sentiment Through Speech Analytics What we say, when we say it and equally important, how we say it matters both from a customer and contact center agent perspective. For organizations invested in optimizing customer experience, having a

7 Steps to a Successful Omnichannel Self Service Strategy


It’s not just voice anymore. And, in many cases, your customer wants an easy automated solution for self-service. What is the answer? A blended strategy that includes AI and automation. The results are lower costs and higher customer satisfaction. Your customers

Baseball Players Play Baseball – We Do Contact Center Solutions


With the MLB in “full swing”…yeah, I said it…just a friendly reminder: Baseball Players Play Baseball, We Do Contact Center Solutions! AVDS is a long-standing Genesys Gold Partner and provider of Contact Center and Enterprise Voice Network Solutions. Our team of

Everyone is talking Omnichannel…for a good reason.


Customer service channel preferences are shifting rapidly. While demand for phone service remains strong, consumers also expect to conduct business via web chat, email, SMS, mobile devices, social media, and video chat. While these new channels give your business unprecedented