AVDS Strategic Consulting maximizes our customer’s business potential through the delivery of targeted and highly influential communications strategies.

The AVDS Strategic Consulting organization is responsible for ensuring our potential and existing customers fully understand and utilize their communications and collaborations solutions to their full benefit.

Our consulting agenda focuses on four primary delivery areas; each tied to a specific period on a customer’s lifecycle. Conceptual design (pre-sale), detailed design (pre-sale), implementation (post-sale), and ongoing customer mentorship (post go-live).

Knowledge– AVDS draws on decades of telecommunications, contact center, and communications systems experience to provide our clientele with a proven solution roadmap.

Methodology– the AVDS Consulting methodology stems from a comprehensive understanding of the business’ needs, challenges, and goals to formulate and execute upon an aligned technology strategy.

Action– as our customers will attest, AVDS is a results-driven and action oriented organization that prides itself on over-delivering during each stage of our consulting engagements.

Sample Offerings:

  • Multichannel ACD Strategy
  • CTI Requirements Exploration
  • Workforce Mgmt. Audit
  • Speech Analytics Workshops
  • Call Flows and Skilling Analysis
  • Pre-implementation Workshops
  • Process Automation Consulting
  • Scope of Work Development
  • Long-term Staffing & Forecasting
  • Business Case and ROI Support
  • Quality Management Strategy

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