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AVDS offers both post-interaction and real-time speech analytics solutions to gain insight into how your workforce interacts with your most important asset:  the Customer.

With CallMiner’s Eureka post-interaction analytics, you can quickly discover the best path to those positive outcomes, whether it’s a successful sale, a compliant interaction, or a satisfactory solution to a problem.

Eureka’s potent and scalable contact analytics solution automates the process of analyzing every interaction in a customer’s journey across all communication channels, including calls, chats, emails, and social media–enabling organizations improve contact center performance by unlocking key business intelligence.

Key Benefits of Eureka

  • Improve Agent Performance Elevate the Customer Experience
  • Ensure compliance and reduce risk
  • Improve Sales Metrics
  • Reduce Cost
  • Objective scoring on 100% of agent interactions
  • Drive more powerful, fact-based coaching
  • Identify the optimal path to the desired outcome and apply across all agents
  • Reduce agent turnover and onboarding time
  • Discover what drives positive

And more . . .

For real-time analytics, AVDS offers Analyzer, an add-on option to the Customer Interaction Center™ all-in-one suite, which provides cost-effective solution within reach of any contact center or enterprise.

Key Benefits of Interaction Analyzer:

  • Listens for, detects, and alerts on spoken words/phrases in real time
  • Identify trends and locate improvement opportunties sooner
  • Real-time monitoring, alerting and scoring
  • Integrates with Interaction Recorder™
  • Tag recordings for keywords
  • Cost effective:  no new servers required

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