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How is your customer’s brand loyalty impacted by digital disruption?

Today’s consumer is more empowered than ever before and demands immediate, personal interactions across multiple channels.  To maintain brand loyalty, Sales and Marketing professionals are grappling with unique challenges.

  • Is your brand being represented across the entire organization and specifically, within your contact center?
  • Are you gaining customer insights from those who communicate with your customers?
  • Are you involved in preparing how your customers are handled when you launch promotional activities?

AVDS helps Sales & Marketing professionals evaluate and bridge any gaps between brand promotional efforts and the people and processes that are the most customer-facing in your organization.

68% of consumers will not go back to a brand once they’ve switched.

Source: Accenture

Sales & Marketing professionals report one of top five challenges is choosing the right technologies for their needs.

Source: Accenture

85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020.

Source: Gartner

Consumers report that 78% of the online content and ads they see from retailers are irrelevant.

Source: Swirl Networks

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