“VoIP Ready” is the backbone for IP-based communications.

A network must be “VoIP Ready” since it provides the backbone for IP Communications.   If the Customer does not have a properly configured network, many undesirable results can occur:  poor voice quality, jitter, latency, dropped calls, and slow screen pops.  These results are caused by  network-related issues, which are not covered under a support agreement.   It’s important the Customer maintain its network environment.

With AVDS’ network readiness, new and existing Customers’ are assured that the VoIP implementation will go smoothly and continue to perform properly.

  • Initial consultation with an IP communications expert
  • Discussion to determine goals and basic communications needs
  • Discussion of features that fit the needs/requirements and additional features available
  • Technical drawing, in flow chart format, detailing the components of your proposed solution and how they interconnect
  • Recommend switch configuration for proper data priority of voice traffic
  • Recommend desktop NIC configuration for proper throughput
  • Discussion and explanation of critical concepts including QoS (Quality of Service); remote user/office setup and integration; and PBX dial plan setup (call routing PSTN and SIP/VoIP)
  • Recommendations for both PSTN (Analog POTS, T1/PRI) connectivity, data (DSL, Cable, Fiber, t1/PRI) connectivity, as well as SIP-based VoIP service providers (ITSP)

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