IVR solutions that provide an adaptable foundation for service automation and a platform for an excellent customer experience.

Replace dual-tone, multi-frequency (DTMF) “Touch-tone” IVR interfaces with speech-enabled interactive voice response menus that guide customers more intiutively, with additional features that support instant email/fax confirmations to caller and customer post-call surveys.

AVDS offers Interactive Voice Response  from Genesys as a stand-alone IVR or integrated with the powerful PureConnect platform.

Key Features of Interactive Voice Response:

  • Offer 24x7 self-service options that attract and retain customers
  • Built-in graphical application generator
  • Multi-channel support, including Fax, Web, and Wireless events
  • Construct DTMF, speech recognition, or spoken/recorded responses
  • Place outbound calls using Interaction Dialer
  • Multi-language support
  • Automate and improve call center capacity
  • Increase call completion with intuitive speech recognition
  • Automate internal communications such as benefits, time reports, and scheduling

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Download Interactive Voice Response Datasheet


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