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Workforce Optimization

AVDS delivers innovative options to recruit, train, and manage a smarter, more personable workforce to interact with Customers.

Interaction Optimizer™ is an add-on solution to the Customer Interaction Center.  Optimizer helps contact center managers analyze their interaction load, improve service levels, and generate efficient schedules with inherent forecasting, all with a single point of administration for simple configuration and maintenance.

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AVDS also offers a powerful stand-alone solution,  TantaComm's Manage™, where you can plan and manage the performance of inbound, outbound and blended staffing resources across all customer channels.  For added benefit, you can easily integrate with our other TantaComm offerings, including, Capture™ (call/screen recording) and Analyze™ (speech analytics).

Its core forecasting & scheduling allows organizations to quickly and accurately manage staff requirements and evaluate schedule efficiency in real time. And with more mobility and self-service functions, you can improve agent performance and satisfaction.

Improve Productivity.
With industry-leading forecasting and scheduling, our easy-to-use solution works wherever you are in the world to balance staff efficiency with world-class customer support.

Increase Profitability.  Improve sales-per-hour ratios, dollars collected and customer retention while achieving 20-40% savings through back-office productivity.

Ensure Staff Retention.  Reduce attrition by allowing agents to check work schedules, view messages, make shift trades, request vacation, state preferences and add overtime availability remotely from any device to increase work flexibility. Plus, you can reward staff by giving them higher priority in scheduling requests and days off.

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Today's Customer is more powerful and demands a more personable experience with issues solved on the first interaction.  With Connections™/Sametime™ collaboration tools, your organization becomes a social business, where experts can be accessed quickly and easily, community forums allow employees and customers to share information, and the social capital gleaned from customer interactions can be spread throughout the entire organization.