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Mobile Applications

Integrate "Smart Apps" within your Contact Center communications to engage and collaborate with your customers anywhere, anytime.


Social Business and Collaboration tools are must-haves for today's customer experience.  Interaction Mobilizer complements the Customer Interaction Center (CIC)™ all-in-one suite of solutions by allowing your customers to communicate with you via multiple devices across social Websites.

When customers want to communicate with you, instead of calling a toll-free number or searching your Website, they can either use your mobile customer service app for their mobile device (free download from App store) or communicate via Facebook and other social sites.

Key features of Interaction Mobilizer:

  • Increase customer satisfaction with multiple communications channels
  • Easy interaction between customer and customer service employees
  • Smart App capabilities deliver navigation to best resource with a "Tap" of the button
  • Increase revenue by delivering selling opportunities across social site
  • Easily harness customer feedback and social capital

Download Interaction Mobilizer™ Datasheet