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Predictive Dialer

Proactive dialing campaigns can help increase revenue, retain customers, and reduce expenses.


AVDS offers Interaction Dialerâ„¢, with a patented predictive algorithm that increases agent productivity with multichannel capabilities, including email, SMS, and more.

For single, targeted dialing, or a continual serious of outbound campaigns, Interaction Dialer allows you to create campaigns of any kind without adding predictive dialer hardware.

Key Features of Interaction Dialer:

  • Call Analysis - detect the action once an outbound call has been made
  • Skills-based ability enables multiple configuration targets
  • Predictive algorithm forecasts when agents will become available
  • Call blending combines outbound and inbound activities (ACD)
  • Real-time agent reporting
  • Built-in compliance features regardless of industry
  • Supports FTC safe harbor call logging, caller ID and minimum contact times

Download Interaction Dialerâ„¢ Datasheet