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Contact centers and businesses may benefit from cloud-based, hosted solutions that offer flexibility, functionality, and security.


AVDS also offers Managed Services to allow businesses even more freedom to spend their resources on other, more critical needs.

For mission-critical contact centers, AVDS offers CaaS™ (Cloud as a Service)--delivering four primary elements of trust in a cloud-hosted solution:  security, reliability, experience, and stability.

Key Benefits of CaaS:

Secure:  Applications and data are isolated with the option to maintain voice, recordings, and other sensitive customer data within your company's network.  Combine this with robust data centers, infrastructure, and certified best practices.

Reliable:  Using the same proven technology implemented in over 90 countries, for over 5,000 customers.  Geo-redundancy is built-in, with advanced monitoring capabilities, and ensures issues can be detected and resolved quickly.

Experienced:  Technology that's supported leading contact centers and businesses for twenty years.

Stable:  Partnering with AVDS and Interactive Intelligence means depending on companies with sustained financial stability and well-honed Best Practices.

Maximum Flexibility:  Rapidly scale up or down, meet seasonal growth needs, customize applications, receive a solution tailored to your business needs.

Download Communications as a Service (CaaS) Datasheet