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Our philosophy is to be Deliberately Different:  to be visionary, to anticipate, explore, develop, and deliver what will help businesses attract and keep customers and a smart workforce as communications and technology rapidly evolve.  


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AVDS Company Retreat - February, 2014 

Deliberately Different™ is the guiding principle to which all AVDS employees are committed.
AVDS doesn't simply install and maintain solutions.  Our approach is to become dedicated partners with our customers and offer a team of highly-trained, experienced sales, engineering, and support staff to remain enthusiastically engaged after the sale.

We continually collaborate with our customers on their ongoing path to success and help them define and implement solutions that maximize their initial investment.

1998, we became an early adopter of IP-based communications by partnering with an innovative young company, Interactive Intelligence.  Then, customers were more familiar with fax machines than text-to-speech recognition that Interactive introduced.  Together, AVDS and our customers forged new paths. 

Today, our portfolio of offerings is enriched and underscores our principle to be Deliberately Different with Connections™ and Sametime™--IBM's Social Business collaboration suite, and affordable, feature-rich, easy-to-launch video conferencing solutions from Vidyo.

For our valued existing customers and future customers who allow AVDS to become their partner, we are excited to provide a Deliberately Different approach to meet and exceed your expectations.