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Decisions, Decisions, Interaction Decisions™…


Decisions, decisions, decisions. In today’s active contact center it seems like we are making a million decisions a day. What if you could automate some of that decision making process and free up your mind, and your time, for better

How Do You Deliver Next-Generation Customer Experiences in The Cloud?


Today’s consumer is interacting 24/7. The right customer engagement platform keeps you on top of customer expectations. Powerful, yet effortless. Keeping up with customers also requires visibility. When you don’t know what’s happening, it costs your customers, time and money. With

AVDS to demo the IVR Visualizer integration with industry leading Genesys Customer Experience Platform

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Automated Voice & Data Solutions Sponsors Genesys AppFoundry at Premier Customer Experience Event CX18  AVDS to demo the IVR Visualizer integration with industry leading Genesys Customer Experience Platform  Houston, TX. April 18, 2018 – Automated Voice & Data Solutions –

An unpleasant experience during the customer journey can lead to a terrible destination.


It’s often said, “It’s not the destination, it is the journey”. Philosophically true as that may be, it isn’t always the case for the business world. When I was a kid we took a lot of road trips. And, though

Is Silence Golden? Nationwide Credit Corporation Finds that “Silence is Not Golden” and Improves Compliance with Interaction Analytics


My Dad always told me, “Son, silence is golden”. Now that I have 2 grand kids, I certainly understand what he meant. But, my Dad wasn’t talking about Contact Centers and the Customer Experience where, in fact, “Silence Is Not

Baseball Players Play Baseball – We Do Contact Center Solutions


With the MLB in “full swing”…yeah, I said it…just a friendly reminder: Baseball Players Play Baseball, We Do Contact Center Solutions! AVDS is a long-standing Genesys Gold Partner and provider of Contact Center and Enterprise Voice Network Solutions. Our team of

What makes a project successful?


What makes a project successful? It all starts with the proper strategy. Whether you are implementing a new contact center, replacing your infrastructure, or building upon your existing contact center, every project has its challenges. And, each project has uniquely

An Introduction to Troubleshooting Switchover Issues in Genesys PureConnect (CIC)


Genesys PureConnect (formerly Customer Interaction Center) Switchover is a wonderful thing.  It can keep your business going in the event of a server crash or a network outage.  Switchover can also be tricky to troubleshoot.  Many technicians have spent countless

The Power of the Chatbot!


The Power of AI and Chatbots…why your business needs it. What is AI? Is Artificial Intelligence the same as Machine Learning and Deep Learning? Yes, and no. They are subsets of each other. AI being the main technology followed by

Failure to plan is a plan to fail. What’s your strategy for the future?


Strategic Consulting starts at the highest level of business. Our goal in a Strategic Consulting partnership is to provide the vision and innovation required to meet the objectives of the business through the leveraging of existing technologies and maximizing their return.