Bots: The next age of business communications

In a recent study by Pegasystems titled, What Consumers Really Think About AI, 6000 consumers were asked “Have you ever interacted with Artificial Intelligence?” 1/3 said yes, 1/3 said no, and 1/3 were unsure. In fact, about 85% had interacted with AI which shows us that about half the people didn’t even know they were chatting with a bot.

How are chatbots impacting the contact center and the customer experience?

  • The chatbot never sleeps – Providing convenient customer service is essential. With chatbot integration, 24/7 options can be provided with ease of operation and cost effectiveness.
  • The chatbot is always available – No waiting in the queue. Interactions can be handled immediately. And, if the bot senses an issue, the interaction can be routed to a live agent.
  • Chatbots are friendly – Bots provide a personalized, quick, easy, frictionless solution. Remember, about 50% of those surveyed didn’t realize they were interacting with a bot.

Chatbots and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are critical steps on your path to digital transformation. If you aren’t using them now, chances are you soon will be. In fact, it’s safe to say, bots are a necessary component of today’s modern contact center. Industry advancements have made it easy for us to implement an AI strategy that greatly enhances the customer experience.

What can a chatbot do for your customer experience? With Bots, the possibilities are endless!

  • Customer Support SMS – Give your customers an easier way to contact you and save money on voice costs.
  • Proactive Order Notification – Address customer questions before they happen with proactive order notifications. Send an order notification when the order is ready to ship and cut the number of phone calls you receive.
  • Password Resets – Allow users to securely reset their passwords over voice and SMS. Use two factor authentication for a higher standard of security.
  • Appointment Reminders – Make sure your customers show up with SMS notifications and offer rescheduling and cancelation options, easily.
  • Pay by Text – Customers want to transact with your business over SMS. Make it easy for them to process payments.
  • IVR – Create a simple phone tree for voice or SMS that directs customers down different branches based on their inquiries.
  • Marketing Messages – Send high volume messages out to large groups. Messages send at high message per minute rates and low costs per message. View reporting on message delivery, response, timing, and more.
  • IBM Watson Integration – Watson, lets you answer questions and handle customers either after hours or alongside agents. Our solution, using Watson, can automate responses to standard questions and learn from agents on more in-depth inquiries.

These are just a few ideas. Do you need help plotting your digital journey? Let AVDS guide you to a truly modern contact center. We make it easy to do business!

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